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Campus Update

Our beautifully restored dam

From our CampOn Campaign to our Matching Grant, generous donors have paved the way for many exciting updates here at camp. Our facilities team has been busy! The dam has been fully beautified and restored. Land has been cleared for our new dining hall and construction will begin before we know it! Aside from our large-scale improvements, we have also made smaller improvements that have been just as important in our overall quality upgrade. We have almost entirely switched to LED lights in order to save energy and reduce costs. The gym floor in the Activities Center has been completely redone making the building feel brand new. The Snack Shack has been insulated in preparation for a heating and AC unit. Rubber mulch was just delivered to the playground to provide a long-term solution to that ground. With health and safety at the forefront, we have added automatic hand sanitizer dispensers to each cabin as well as each gym.

Every improvement equips us to love and serve our community better. As we awe over each improvement, we know in our hearts that the most beautiful thing about our grounds will always be the good news that is shared here.