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Track Out Camps

Track Out Camp is an opportunity for 4-10 year old children to experience camp while tracked out during the school year.

Our program is designed to give campers an active experience.

  • We plan to get campers outside whenever the weather allows.
  • We plan activities that involve exercise and problem solving.
  • Although our program does have some educational elements, we plan for learning to be as hands on and active as possible.
  • We want to use activities to teach life principles from God’s Word.

Our program is designed to give campers a sense of adventure.

  • We plan to challenge campers to try activities they might not have tried before.
  • We plan to expand campers’ imaginations.
  • We plan for campers to get a vision for God’s grand plan for their lives.

Our program is designed to give campers a sense of belonging.

  • Each camper will have qualified counselors to love and accept them right where they are.
  • Each camper will be in a huddle in which cooperation and teamwork will be crucial.
  • We pray that each camper leaves with the understanding that God loves them just as they are and made a way for them to have a relationship with Him through Jesus Christ.

Although this program is planned for track out students, it is open to all students within the age range of 4-10.

Although registration is done by the week, our curriculum and some of our activities will only repeat every 3 weeks.  After all 4 tracks have tracked out, new curriculum and activities will be introduced.


  • Track 1 – Tuesday, March 24th @ 10am
  • Track 2 – Wednesday, March 25th @ 10am
  • Track 3 – Thursday, March 26th @ 10am
  • Track 4 – Friday, March 27th @ 10am


  • $250 per week (except the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas)
  • $100 per week of Thanksgiving and Christmas (as these are shortened weeks)
  • Six-Week Discount – Register for six weeks and get $100 off your sixth week.
    • Bible Lesson Discounts do not apply to Track Out Day Camp.  They are specific to summer camp.


  • 4-10 year old’s as of August 31st of that school year. (All participants must be potty-trained to attend)
  • Ages are separated as:
    • 4-7 year old’s (boys and girls)
    • 8-10 year old boys
    • 8-10 year old girls


  • Track 1
    • Week A (December 7-11)
    • Week B (December 14-18)
    • Week C (December 21-22) Christmas Week
    • Week D (March 8-12)
    • Week E (March 15-19)
    • Week F (March 22-26)
  • Track 2
    • Week A (November 16-20)
    • Week B (November 23-24) Thanksgiving Week
    • Week C (November 30-December 4)
    • Week D (February 15-19)
    • Week E (February 22-26)
    • Week F (March 1-5)
  • Track 3
    • Week A (October 26-30)
    • Week B (November 2-6)
    • Week C (November 9-13)
    • Week D (January 25-29)
    • Week E (February 1-5)
    • Week F (February 8-12)
  • Track 4
    • Week A (October 5-9)
    • Week B (October 12-16)
    • Week C (October 19-23)
    • Week D (January 4-8)
    • Week E (January 11-15)
    • Week F (January 18-22)


  • Are meals provided?
    • No, you will need to bring your own food, including snacks.
  • What food can I bring?
    • No microwave or refrigeration required food or usage.
  • Where can my child store their belongings?
    • Each huddle will have a cabin that they can store their items in.
  • Can my child attend even if they are not in track out school?
    • Yes!  We would love to see you.