Snack Shack Wristbands

Overnight and A.C.E. campers have several options when it comes to our Snack Shack times each day.  Snack bands can be purchased through our registration system or at check-in.

Snack Shack Band Prices:

  • $15 – 1 item each snack time (typically 3 times a day)
  • $30 – 2 items each snack time (typically 3 times a day)

No refund is given at the end of the week for any times they do not visit the Snack Shack.  You can choose between the Unlimited Options band or the Light Options band.

Unlimited Option Items:

Chex Mix, Animal Crackers, Cheez Its, Oreo Cookies, Giant Slim Jim, Hershey Bar, Kit Kat, 3 Musketeers, Milky Way, Twix, Plain M&Ms, Skittles (Variety), Sour Punch Straws (Variety), Fruit Snacks, Slush, Ice Cream Sandwich, Original Klondike, Push-Up Pops, Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Bars, Nestle Outshine Fruit Bars, Soda, including all items from the  Light Options list

Light Option Items:

Lays Potato Chips (Variety), Doritos (Variety), Cheetos, Popcorn, Goldfish, Veggie Straws, Pretzels, Apple Slices, Frozen Grapes, Minute Maid Soft Frozen Juice, Fruit Crisps (Variety), Frozen Gogurt, Water Bottles, Apple Juice, Sprite, Ginger Ale

*This is a sampling of possibilities and may change.  Light options should not be considered healthy in terms of the specific diet for your children.