LIT Roles

The Leaders-in-Training program is an opportunity for high-school students to volunteer a portion of their summer by coming to New Life Camp to show Christ’s love to campers through helping with supervision, facilitating activities, and assisting with camp maintenance, while under the instruction and supervision of the summer staff. The goal of the LIT program is to train up Christ-like leaders through mentorship and discipleship by the summer staff with whom they are working, while also providing on-the-job training in the various jobs and duties of a summer staff member.

There are several jobs that fall under the umbrella of the LIT program:


  • Two Counselors-In-Training are assigned to each Day Camp huddle or Overnight Camp cabin during every given week of camp.
  • Their job as a CIT is help the counselors of that huddle/cabin with supervision and group control, while also building relationships with the campers and serving as a role model.
  • Hours:
    • Overnight Camp CIT: Sunday @ 3:30 pm – Friday @ 6:30 pm
    • Day Camp CIT: Monday-Thursday @ 8 am – 5 pm, Friday @ 8 am – 6:30 pm


  • Program-Staff-In-Training are assigned to help with different Program Staff roles during a given week. Their roles may involve helping with facilitating games and activities, cleaning jobs, and supervision.
  • PSITs are generally assigned a huddle/cabin to be with when they have time, so that they also have the opportunity to build relationships with individual campers outside of their job times.
  • Hours: Overnight position, Sunday @ 3:30 pm – Friday @ 6:30 pm


  • Kitchen-Staff-In-Training are assigned to help the kitchen staff with meal preparation and setup (4 meals/day = lots of prep!).
  • Hours: Daytime position, does not spend the night. Monday-Thursday @ 8 am – 4 pm


Comments from Former LITs

“I enjoyed it! I liked learning how to lead from the counselors. It was helpful when they would give me goals or tell me what to work on. I also enjoyed LIT class and having Bible passages to read and answer questions.”

“I spent lots of time loving campers, learning and bonding with staff. It is not just work, it is fun work that you look forward to.”

“It helped me get an appreciation for hard work. It really grew my relationship with Christ. Gave me experience working with all different types of kids and developed my leadership skills.”


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