Bible Lessons

Our Bible Lesson Program is designated for students 8-18 years old. Those who did not attend summer camp will get to explore the theme that was emphasized and those who attended will be able to follow up what they learned at camp.

How Bible Lessons Work for 2018-2019

Registration and Access

  • Register online for Bible Lessons.  Children must be age 8-18 by September 1st to register.
  • Email Bible Lessons to get access password.
  • Lessons will be posted here on the first of each month from September-April.
  • Lessons will consist of reading and an online Google quiz.  Quizzes can be considered open book in that students can answer the questions by looking back at the reading text.
  • Parents are responsible to make sure quizzes are submitted each month.

Summer Camp Discount and Trophy Achievement

  • All 8 lessons are due by April 30, 2019.
  • A passing grade is 70/100 or better.
  • Each participant that completes and passes all monthly lesson quizzes from September 2018-April 2019 will be eligible for a discount off of one week of Summer Camp 2019 ($50 for overnight, $40 for A.C.E., or $30 for day camp).
  • Students who complete all their lessons by April 30, 2019 and receive a score of 90/100 or better on each lesson will get a trophy at their week of camp.
  • All lessons/quizzes must be submitted by April 30, 2019 to be eligible for a discount.

Ready to Begin?

Once you have the passcode, click on the grade appropriate link for your child.  The grade is for the 2018-2019 school year.

Need help? Send us an email.