New Life Camp is currently closed. See our Statement and Program Cancellation/Updates for COVID-19.Click for more details


Storm Baseball practices and games have been cancelled for this 2020 season. Please read our important cancellation and credit information below.

Important COVID-19 Cancellation and Credit Information

If you were a participant in our 2020 season, you will receive a credit of your registration fees for the remainder of the season (8 weeks): MS Baseball $189, Varsity Baseball $229.  

Please return all uniforms, clean and labelled, to the bins outside the main office.  You will not need to touch anything.  Just drop them in.  Bring uniform(s) in a bag labelled with your player’s name(s).  We will process the uniforms 5 days after they have been received.

If you do not feel comfortable at this time returning the uniform to camp, we will process your outstanding credit less a $60 uniform fee.  Once the uniform is received, we will process any outstanding uniform fee credits as you direct below.

  • Option 1: Donate all or a portion of the registration fees to NLC’s Campership program. This will help sustain our mission to love, accept, and introduce children and their families to Jesus Christ and equip them to live lives that glorify God.  Your donation will be 100% tax deductible.  If this will be your first donation or you have not donated since December 31, 2017, then your gift will be doubled with our Matching Grant opportunity ending April 30, 2020!   Please know how grateful we are for your partnership with us.
  • Option 2: Maintain a credit on your account. This option allows families to have funds available for future program registrations. Please note, you will need to pay the registration fee for your program to secure a spot, then the available credit will be transferred to cover the remaining balance(s).  Again, we are thankful for your willingness to consider the credit option.
  • Option 3: If you have a zero-balance with us, it will be issued directly to the card on file or by manual check.   If you have an outstanding balance for other NLC programs, your refund will be applied to your balance.

Please respond to to inform us how to handle your Storm Soccer or Baseball  Registration credit by December 31, 2020.  If we do not receive notification by December 31, 2020, any unused 2020 Storm Baseball or Soccer Registration credits will convert automatically to a charitable donation. 

We will work through your requests as quickly as possible and appreciate your patience and understanding.