Middle School High Intensity Training (HITS)


This training is specifically for players that are serious middle school basketball players with travel or middle school playing experience – not beginners.

  • Dynamic Ball Handling Drills to challenge your handles
  • Individual Perimeter Moves – Learn moves such as crossovers, inside-out, behind the back, between the legs, hesitation and spin moves
  • Post Moves – Drop steps, up & under, Face Up, Mikan drill, Reverse Mikans, and Jump hooks
  • Learn how to play and move without the ball
  • Drills that you can take home and work on by yourself or with a partner
  • Transition Drills – Learn to pass and score on the move, 2 on 1, 3 on 2 drills, shots off the dribble, catch and shoot.
  • 1 on 1 sessions – Go live 1 on 1 against other session players to master the skills done in previous drills
  • 3 on 3 concept sessions – Work on screening, cutting and playing without the basketball

2018 Details

  • Dates: Mondays and Thursdays, September 10th-October 15th (12 sessions)
  • Ages: 11-13 years old
  • Times: 5:30-6:40pm
  • Cost: $135



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