Spring 2017 Clubs Activity Descriptions


Beginner Dance (Ages 5-7; Ages 7-10)

Instructor: Angie Moore

These classes are designed to introduce the inexperienced dancer to ballet, lyrical, and modern dance for the glory of God.  This class will teach coordination, flexibility, and proper technique.  The students will also learn techniques for choreographing their own work.  Each child should expect to be sweetly encouraged in this class.  Ballet shoes are recommended for this class.

Brush Up on Watercolors (Ages 11-14)

Instructor: Trisha Price

Your artist will splash into the world of watercolor by learning a variety of techniques which will include different brush skills, creating washes, and mixing colors. Each participant will create their very own masterpieces with the skills they learn.

Chess Club (Boys Only: Ages 10-13)

Instructor: Danny Myers

Get your brain “fired up” in the early morning by learning beginner chess skills or enjoy practicing your own game strategies with your NLC friends. Devotions will be focused on making the right moves towards Christ.

Cool Animals (Ages 8-10)

Instructor: Jane Woodward

Did you know we can learn flexibility from a hummingbird’s habits?  Animals teach us many lessons, including positive and negative character traits, such as obedience, joyfulness and generosity.  These same character traits will be reinforced through Bible stories.  Students will be challenged to apply the traits in their own lives weekly.

Creative Writing (Ages 10-14)

Instructor: John Choquette

Creative Writing invites students to explore the parts of a novel, from character to plot, as they learn to write their own story! During the course of the semester, students will study popular literature, as well as God’s perfect letter to us, The Bible, in order to gain an understanding of how the writing process translates to a novel. By the end of the class, students will have developed their own short story, with the goal of publishing and marketing their work based on the lessons they have learned together. Returning students are welcome as there is no limit to creativity!

Culinary Kids (Ages 9-12, 13-14)

Instructor: Pam Baylock

This course introduces children to the basics of food and home economics in God’s creation.  We will explore kitchen safety, tools of the trade and measurements, hospitality and etiquette (eat French fries with a fork and asparagus with your fingers?), and presenting a colorful food palette.  Cooking will include: boiling pasta and rice, the best grilled cheese ever, desserts, healthy homemade snacks, and cooking outdoors. Allergens used: gluten and dairy products.

First Aid & Safety Club (Ages 9-12)

Instructor: Priscilla Arthur

This course is designed for children who desire to learn simple safety and first aid skills that will equip them to make wiser choices and be better community helpers. Children will enjoy this fun, interactive hands-on class by practicing first aid and safety skills through role play. We will also explore the wisdom of God and how we can be prepared spiritually.

Fun at Hand: God’s Creation (Ages 6-9)

Instructor: Hannah Taylor

Join us as we explore the seven days of God’s creation! The class will focus on practicing fine motor skills through hands-on activities which relate to Genesis 1.  Some of the skills that will be practiced are; knot tying, measuring, sorting, designing, planting, and digging. We won’t be afraid to get our hands dirty as we manipulate some of God’s creation found in nature.

Geo-Art: World  (Ages 9-12)

Instructor: Marny Kostenberger

Children will gain a heart for the world while learning to draw a map of the world by heart! We will start drawing simple maps of small areas of each continent and move gradually toward greater detail. Engaging stories of God’s work in these countries will be shared as we discover together the map of God’s world. Club members will gather drawings of current work to keep for future reference and for practice at home. Occasional lightning rounds and team games of “hang-man” etc. about locations we have drawn will inspire helpful and friendly competition. Get ready to draw the whole world!

Note: This club is continued from the Fall Semester. New members can join in at the point we are at in drawing the world. The instructor will assist new members with a general review of previous work.

Intermediate Dance (Ages 11-14)

Instructor: Hannah Martin

These classes will grow dancers with prior experience in their body alignment, flexibility, strengthening, and choreography. The students will dive deeper into ballet, lyrical, jazz, and modern dance. As believers, dance in the hands of the Lord is a beautiful way to worship. Each student should expect to be sweetly encouraged in this class. Ballet shoes are required for this class.

Introduction to Debate (Ages 11-14)

Instructor: Marny Kostenberger

Join us for a gentle, but thorough, introduction to debate of various kinds, including preparation and delivery. Club members will begin by practicing an informal interaction with another club member and work their way up to actual informal debates .This low-key club is ideal for middle school students with little experience and those who may want to gear up for debate in a more serious club. 1-2 hours mid-week preparation is helpful.

Lunch + Supervised Play (Tuesdays Only – Ages 6-14)

Instructor: Amy Martin & NLC Staff

Lunch + Supervised Play on Tuesdays combines a free lunch period with an extended activity time at camp for an additional charge.

Children will enjoy eating their lunch at the picnic tables or in the camp dining hall with camp staff. Microwaves are available to warm up lunches. After the lunch, children can participate in supervised outdoor activities, gym games, and hands- on activities such as board games and crafts.

Note: Lunch by itself on Tuesdays & Thursdays is free and available for those who are attending the activities immediately before lunch.

NLC Outdoors Club (Ages 9-14)

Instructor: Danny Myers

This winter in NLC Outdoor Club, come experience outdoor and indoor activities on the beautiful 70 acres campus. Participants will engage in a variety of introductory level activities and learn a variety of skills like campfire skills, knot tying, camping trip planning, climbing wall, orienteering and boating skills. Students will improve their outdoor skills each time they attend this program. Kids will also have a blast with the NLC staff as they enjoy God’s creation and learn of God’s love for them.

For a sample schedule, click here.

PE: Let’s Get Moving! (Ages 5-8, 6-9)

Instructor: Amy Martin

Students will have fun exploring movement fundamentals through a variety of activities that emphasize locomotor and non-locomotor movements. The class will provide opportunities for students to practice manipulative skills and participate in fitness development exercises. Space awareness, basic tumbling, balance, rhythms, jump roping, and simple movement games will be practiced so the child can become a skillful and successful mover. Students will learn to apply biblical truths by practicing sportsmanship, cooperation, and respect for others.

PE: Teamwork (Ages 9-13)

Instructor: Amy Martin

Students will be given opportunities to work cooperatively in group play.  Gym and field games, exercise squads, and team building activities on the camp grounds will build skills such as listening, speaking, problem solving, cooperation, creativity, trust, courage, bonding, and icebreaking. And of course, the student’s physical well-being will benefit from the exercise and games!  Through teamwork, students will be given the opportunity to apply biblical truths by practicing leadership, sportsmanship, cooperation, and respect for others. The student will receive a teamwork tee-shirt to wear to class.  Students may repeat the course since the lessons change throughout the sessions.

Physical Earth Science (Ages 9-12)

Instructor: Rebekah Lassiter

Students will learn about the physical properties of the earth including the different types of rocks and minerals and how the earth physically changes through weathering, erosion, volcanoes, and earthquakes. Through hands on experiences and group activities students will learn the value of group cooperation and teamwork along with reflecting on personal learning experiences.

Play and Learn (Ages 4-6)

Instructor: Hannah Martin

This fun and engaging program includes a variety of developmentally appropriate activities including nature, art, PE, pretend play, and “music and movement”. Social skills such as listening, following directions, using encouraging words and actions, and being respectful to others will be integrated throughout lessons and activities that teach and reinforce biblical truths.

You may register your child for multiple Play and Learn days. The activities will be different each day.  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 9:15-12:45 (bring lunch)

January 24th-May 11th (with the first week of April being a snow make up week and the second week spring break)

For a sample schedule, click here.

Play @ Camp (Ages 6-12)

Instructor: Amy Martin & NLC Staff

P@C provides opportunities to enhance physical development of throwing, catching, striking, eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, body balance and strengthening combined with instructional opportunities which teach and reinforce social skills necessary for positive team involvement based on scriptural principles of honesty, grace and forgiveness.

Click here for Sample Schedule.

What to Bring: Lunch.  A morning apple is provided by camp.

What to Wear:  Comfortable play clothes and tennis shoes (dress for weather).

Science Club (Ages 5-8)

Instructor: Linda Lupien

Young scientists will enjoy continuing exploration of interactions between acids and bases. We’ll examine ingredients of household products to observe why some are for cleaning, degreasing, soothing on burns, or better for shampooing and conditioning our hair. The discussion and observation of agents creating chemical or physical change will also continue.  Hands on experiments, simple labs for recording results and lots or interactive discussion will lead these scientists to discover for themselves that only God could have created our world.  No prerequisites required for Science Club! We review some principles and keep adding onto their knowledge base using principles of scientific inquiry.

Spanish Fun (Ages 6-9)

Instructor: Jamie Hollen

This Spanish course is open to both students who are new to Spanish language learning and students who have taken Beginner Spanish in the past. Through exciting games, songs, pictures, and activities, students will be exposed to the Spanish language and will have opportunities to develop their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in addition to grow in their passion for language learning.

Tae Kwon Do Self Defense (Ages 7-12)

Instructor: Hannah Taylor

This high energy class is designed for both new and experienced students. Everyone will learn something new, and previous students will have the opportunity to assist in class. We will review and learn new taekwondo techniques. Additionally, we will learn self-defense techniques including practical application and situational awareness. We will learn about how to use our talents and interests for God’s Kingdom.

The Bible & Me (Girls Only: Ages 10-13)

Instructor: Jane Woodward

In a changing world, thankfully, God’s Word never changes. Students will learn simple strategies to study their Bibles independently or in small groups with the goal of applying God’s Word to their own lives. Hands on activities will be a part of the curriculum.

Woodworking (Ages 11-14)

Instructor: Chuck Bounds

Students will:
– Learn to use basic woodworking tools – handsaws, hammers, marking tools
– Learn to read a measuring tape
– Learn woodworking tool safety
– Learn basic wood properties and wood joining techniques
– Build small wood projects

Tools needed to be brought to each activity:
– ¾ inch wide measuring tape – 12 to 16 feet long.
– 2 pencils
– 10 to 13 oz. hammer
– 12 inch combination square

World Empires, Missions, & Wars (Ages 8-10)

Instructor: Priscilla Arthur

This hands on history course that will bring to life chief leaders, world conflicts, and key missionaries from the Napoleon time period to the Korean War. We will use books, crafts, timelines, drama, and other creative learning tools to discover what God has done through this thrilling time in history. We will be using curriculum from Answers in Genesis along with a variety of other history books.