Clubs Activity Descriptions

Dance-website-293x300Winter/Spring 2018 Activities

Anatomy (Ages 10-13)

Contact Instructor: Mia Lyons

Hands-on science beginning with the building blocks of life (cells, DNA) to the following body systems: Skeletal, Muscular, Digestive, Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Nervous & Integumentary.  Each student will make a detailed Human Anatomy lapbook.  Primary source is Apologia’s Young Explorer Series: Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy & Physiology.  

Backyard Naturalist (Ages 6-9)

Contact Instructor: Mia Lyons

Hands-on life science!  Students will learn about life in their own backyard while observing God’s incredible design in His creation!  We will explore the forest ecosystem, learn about & identify trees, birds, butterflies & other insects, reptiles & amphibians that are common to the North Carolina piedmont, plant the spring garden area, and dissect an owl pellet.

Basketball/Volleyball Basics (Ages 10-13)

Contact Instructor: Kyle Mendenhall

Athletes will enjoy learning basketball and volleyball basic fundamentals.  Basic basketball skills of passing, defense, ball handling and shooting will be practiced for 6 weeks.  Volleyball  will focus on the basic skills of serving, passing, setting, and hitting for the remaining 4 weeks.  Have fun learning these two popular sports with your friends at NLC!

Biomimicry (Ages 10-13)

Contact Instructor: Mia Lyons

Biomimicry is the study of design in nature and our attempt to copy these design elements to solve human problems.  The created world is genius in its design, and there is much to learn from our Creator.  This hands-on course introduces biomimicry from a Christian worldview and includes engineering projects.

Cartooning (Ages 10-13)

Contact Instructor: Tracey Browning

Anyone can draw great cartoons without being a great artist, even if they’ve never drawn anything before! The key is learning how to “think funny.” Students will be given step-by-step instructions for drawing traditional cartoon animals and people, as well as the ‘all the rage’ Japanese style Manga portraits. With demonstration, a little practice, and some funny thinking, they’ll see great results fast!

Culinary Kids (Ages 10-13)

Contact Instructor: Pam BaylockHeather Barbour

Pamela and Heather have developed a well-rounded approach to the culinary arts. While encouraging creativity and developing confidence in service to their families and others, we will explore menus, a variety of recipes, hospitality, culinary-related projects, building a fire (s’mores, anyone?), along with games, and a devotion.

Dance (Ages 5-7)

Contact Instructor: Makenzie Waites

This class are designed to introduce the inexperienced dancer to ballet and tap.  In ballet correct body placement and terminology are emphasized using graceful classic movements.  This class is a good base for developing body awareness, coordination, muscle tone and flexibility.  Ballet shoes are optional for these classes.  Tap incorporates exciting rhythms to music from Broadway classics/musicals using basic technique and terminology.  Tap develops coordination, rhythm, and muscle tone. Tap shoes are required for these classes. If you have a question about your child’s dance level experience, email Amy Martin.

Dance (Ages 7-13)

Contact Instructor: Angie Moore

This class is designed to introduce the inexperienced dancer to ballet, lyrical, and modern dance for the glory of God. This class will teach coordination, flexibility, and proper technique. The students will also learn techniques for choreographing their own work. Each child should expect to be sweetly encouraged in this class. Ballet shoes are recommended for this class. If you have a question about your child’s dance level experience, email Amy Martin.

Drawing (Ages 10-13)

Contact Instructor: Pam Baylock

Using Mark Kistler’s text from his popular TV series Draw Squad we will teach one type of structured approach to drawing which increases creativity in new and experienced artists, children and adults, alike.  Students learn how to use foreshortening, shading, surface, size, contour lines, overlapping and other techniques to successfully create the illusion of three dimensional drawing.  We will provide extra practice sheets for take-home use, and create individual pieces of artwork.

Leadership Lessons (Ages 10-13)

Contact Instructor: Nick Williams, assisted by Amy Martin

Through this course, students will learn valuable lessons in both leadership and teamwork. Activities will include both teamwork-focused games as well as classroom time for teaching specific leadership skills, including personality traits, leadership styles, Biblical morality and team-building. This course will help students become a leader among their peers as they enter their teen years.

Literary Art (Ages 6-9)

Contact Instructor: Zarah Volstad

Children’s books are full of beautiful art. In this class we will study different art techniques found in both classic and modern children’s books. We will then apply those techniques using a variety of artistic mediums to create our own literary inspired art.

Outdoors Club (Ages 10-13)

Contact Instructor: Nick Williams

Come experience fun outdoor activities on the beautiful 70 acres of NLC. Participants will engage in a variety of introductory level activities and learn a variety of skills like disc golf, archery, bikes, sling shots, canoeing, low ropes, fishing, orienteering, and field games. Kids will also have a blast with the NLC staff as they enjoy God’s creation and learn of God’s love for them.

Physical Education (Ages 10-13)

Contact Instructor: Kyle Mendenhall

This physical education program provides each student with the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive program consisting of skill development, lead up games, team sports, and physical fitness activities. The students will receive instruction in rules, skills, and strategies associated with the different team sports as well as learning experiences involving physical conditioning activities. The students will also have opportunities to become involved in life-long physical activities through team sport. The program promotes the spirit of cooperation, leadership, fair play, and friendly competition.

Scheduled Team sports: Indoor hockey activities, Four Square, Newcomb, and Soccer.

Play @ Camp (Ages 6-11)

Contact Instructor: Amy Martin

Play @ Camp provides opportunities to enhance physical development of throwing, catching, striking, eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, body balance and strengthening combined with instructional opportunities which teach and reinforce social skills necessary for positive team involvement based on scriptural principles of honesty, grace and forgiveness.

Click here for Sample Schedule.

What to Bring: Lunch.  A morning apple is provided by camp.

What to Wear:  Comfortable play clothes and tennis shoes (dress for weather).

Deadline for Registration: Friday, April 6th.

Robotics (Ages 6-9, 10-13) and Intermediate Robotics (Ages 10-13)

For Robotics, Contact Instructor: Caden Moore

This beginner activity will show participants how to work as a team to learn the basics of the LEGO NXT robotics system. Design and build an obstacle course for a gyroscopic robot called Sphero, as well as learn the basics of programming two different types of robots. All of this while learning more about God’s most beautiful creation, Earth.

For Tuesday’s Intermediate Robotics, Contact Instructor: Andrew Hicks

Work as a group to build a robotic rover that students will be able to drive around the classroom, and learn the basics of JAVA to control the rover. The course fee includes the cost of a drone for each student to build and to take home to keep. Each week we will learn and discuss how God intended for us to treat others.

For Thursday’s Intermediate Robotics, Contact Instructor: Caden Moore

Work as a group to build a robotic rover that students will be able to drive around the classroom, and learn the basics of JAVA to control the rover. The course fee includes the cost of a drone for each student to build and to take home to keep. Each week we will learn and discuss how God intended for us to treat others.

Science Club (Ages 6-9)

Contact Instructor: Linda Lupien

Science is a perfect tool to help students recognize God’s intelligent design to provide for our physical needs. We will explore what energy is and how we use it through in-class projects, labs, and demonstrations. Student will learn to record and share data. We’ll explore simple circuits; magnetic energy and gravity; and finish with wind and solar energy.

Supervised Play (Ages 6-9)

Contact Instructor: Amy Martin

Supervised Play on Tuesdays is an extended activity time at camp for an additional charge.

Children can participate in supervised outdoor activities, gym games, and hands- on activities such as board games and crafts.

Tuesday Morning Club (Ages 6-9)

Contact Instructor: Amy Martin

Tuesday Morning Club will offer a variety of learning experiences in the areas of  science, physical education, and art. Your child will be separated into a group by age for the semester where they will travel through each club with a counselor.  This is three clubs bundled together to give your child a great experience in each subject.  For the science portion, your child will spend five weeks in Life Science and five weeks in Robotics. The art portion will be Literary Art (see description below).  Also see the description below for the physical education portion.  Tuesday Morning Clubs subjects are the following:

Life Science: Children will learn 10 life forms and how they survive in the winter. Instructor: Olivia McCluskey

Robotics: Introduction to learning the basics of the Lego NXT robotic system.   Instructor: Caden Moore

Literary Art:  Children’s books are full of beautiful art. In this club we will study different art techniques found in both classic and modern children’s books. We will then apply those techniques using a variety of artistic mediums to create our own literary inspired art.  Instructor: Zarah Volstad

Physical Education:Students will have fun exploring movement fundamentals through a variety of activities that emphasize locomotor and non-locomotor movements. Coordination activities like jump roping and  improving manipulative skills will be practiced in the NLC gym.  Basic tumbling skills and stunts will be introduced to build strength and flexibility. Students will learn to apply biblical truths by practicing sportsmanship, cooperation, and respect for others.  Instructors: Amy Martin and Olivia McCluskey

Tumbling and Fitness (Ages 6-9, 10-13)

Contact Instructor: Olivia McCluskey

The class will practice basic mat exercises that build strength, balance, and flexibility. Each lesson will include a progression of tumbling skills, such as, jumps, rolls, turns, balance, and simple stunts. Routines and mat games will be challenging and fun to students. Jump rope skills and fitness games will be added to improve coordination and fitness. Students will have opportunity to apply biblical truths by practicing sportsmanship, self-control, cooperation, and respect for others.

Violin (Ages 10-13)

Instructor: Janette Sroka, Renee Igo

We will start with the basics of Music Theory, as we learn beginning violin techniques. We will also explore some of the different styles of violin music and the rich history of the instrument. The class will emphasize the wonderful ways that violins can be used as a worship tool. No previous music knowledge is necessary. Some study materials will be provided however, the student must provide their own violin and a folder to organize papers.

Wild About Art (Ages 6-9, 10-13)

Contact Instructor: Erin Engstrom

Using a variety of art mediums and inspiration from the animal kingdom, we will create both 2-D and 3-D art projects that will be worthy of home display. We will focus on various modern art styles while relating Biblical truth with each animal we study. The same or similar projects will be created in Wild Art 10-13 (6-9) but the work involved will be geared toward this skill level.

Wood Crafts (Ages 10-13)

Contact Instructor: Pam Baylock

Students will learn use of basic hand tools and precision measurements to create fun, useful projects they will enjoy for years. Some items include a tray, a footstool, a bird feeder, and a wall clock. Woodburning will be offered, as well, to decorate projects.