Clubs Activity Descriptions


American Sign Language (Ages 7-9, 10-14)

Instructor: Heather Barbour

This American Sign Language class is designed for students who would like to learn a beautiful way of communicating with their hands. Using songs and fun games they will be introduced to beginning concepts such as fingerspelling, colors, animals, church signs and more!

Basketball Basics (Ages 10-14)

Instructor: Kyle Mendenhall

Athletes will be taught basketball fundamentals, focusing on the individual basic skills of passing, defense, ball-handling and shooting. Instruction will focus on teaching the fundamentals while teaching kids to have fun while competing.

Beginner Dance (Ages 5-7)

Instructor: Reaghan Waites

This class are designed to introduce the inexperienced dancer to ballet and tap.  In ballet correct body placement and terminology are emphasized using graceful classic movements.  This class is a good base for developing body awareness, coordination, muscle tone and flexibility.  Ballet shoes are optional for these classes.  Tap incorporates exciting rhythms to music from Broadway classics/musicals using basic technique and terminology.  Tap develops coordination, rhythm, and muscle tone. Tap shoes are required for these classes. If you have a question about your child’s dance level experience, email Amy Martin.

Beginner Dance (Ages 7-10)

Instructor: Angie Moore

This class is designed to introduce the inexperienced dancer to ballet, lyrical, and modern dance for the glory of God. This class will teach coordination, flexibility, and proper technique. The students will also learn techniques for choreographing their own work. Each child should expect to be sweetly encouraged in this class. Ballet shoes are recommended for this class. If you have a question about your child’s dance level experience, email Amy Martin.

Beginner Spanish (Ages 6-9)

Instructor: Jamie Hollen

This course is for children who desire to begin learning Spanish as a second language.  Join this interactive and fun class to begin learning basic Spanish and begin building a base for further Spanish language learning in the future.  Using games, songs, videos, pictures and interaction students will begin to learn and use Spanish and develop a passion for Spanish language learning.

Culinary Kids (Ages 8-10, 9-11, 11-14)

Instructor: Pam Baylock

Ages 8-10: Join in the fun and learning of nutrition and creativity of the culinary arts. We will stress development of eye-hand coordination through use of cooking tools and basic skills needed to create satisfying dishes, while encouraging service to others. Gluten-free cooking options as available. Dairy products used. No nuts.

Ages 9-11: We continue our journey into the culinary arts by developing menus, more hands-on work at the stove, and the proper use of kitchen tools. We will employ different recipes than last semester for all the meals of each day.  Gluten-free cooking options as available. Dairy products used. No nuts.

Ages 11-14: Our topic this semester will be comfort foods from around the world. Some menu items will be familiar, as American cuisine has adopted much from the melting pot of our society. However, we hope to encounter a few new ideas as we develop our cooking skills in service to those we know and love.

Drawn to It: Charcoal Drawing and More (Ages 10-14)

Instructor: Trisha Price

Join us as we explore the world of drawing medium. We will learn several basic drawing techniques from sketching simple shapes to showing detail through shading. Students will use the drawing skills they develop to create their very own masterpieces.

Environmental Science (Ages 6-9, 9-12)

Instructor: Brittany Burton

Hands-on program where students will spend the bulk of their time outdoors learning, exploring, and discovering new things about God’s creation right here at New Life Camp. Some activities include: hikes, science experiment, nature journaling, crafts and more!

Farmhouse Art (Ages 11-14)

Instructor: Pam Baylock

This art class will focus on a variety of disciplines including painting, woodwork, wood burning, sewing, and holiday decor for boys and girls. Students will select, plan, and complete as many as three pieces over the course of the semester.

Fun at Hand: Bible Stories (Ages 6-9)

Instructor: Hannah Taylor

Fun at Hand is all about hands-on activities to practice fine motor skills. We will read and discuss some stories from the Bible and then do fun activities, games, or crafts to help students to practice fine motor skills and to reinforce the story. Activities will involve drawing, painting, gluing, cutting, measuring, flooding, using string, paper, beads, and many other materials.

IEW: Teaching Writing Structure and Style (Ages 8-11, 11-14)

Instructor: Linda Lupien

A comprehensive writing curriculum emphasizing thinking, writing and speaking. TWSS begins with the basics of rewriting a simple paragraph and continues all the way into advanced essay writing. Elementary through secondary students are taught to write in an organized fashion, using interesting vocabulary with a variety of sentence structures and using powerful imagery and examples. Linda will be a registered instructor for IEW by August 2017. The only additional cost is $21.00 for a Student Resource Binder. Contact Linda for information on how to order your student binder.

Intermediate Dance (Ages 11-14)

Instructor: Hannah Martin

These classes will grow dancers with prior experience in their body alignment, flexibility, strengthening, and choreography.  The students will dive deeper into ballet, lyrical, jazz, and modern dance.  As believers, dance in the hands of the Lord is a beautiful way to worship.  Each student should expect to be sweetly encouraged in this class.  Ballet shoes are required for this class.

Introduction to Robotics (Ages 7-9, 10-14)

Instructor: Andrew Hicks

Learn the basics of robotics through building and programming. Students will work in teams and learn the importance of teamwork, gracious professionalism, and coopertition (the fine art of competing while cooperating with the competition).

Introduction to Violin (Ages 9-12)

Instructor: Janette Sroka, Renee Igo

We will start with the basics of Music Theory, as we learn beginning violin techniques. We will also explore some of the different styles of violin music and the rich history of the instrument. The class will emphasize the wonderful ways that violins can be used as a worship tool. No previous music knowledge is necessary. Some study materials will be provided however, the student must provide their own violin and a folder to organize papers.

Let’s Get Growing (Ages 9-12)

Instructor: Jane Woodward

Students will grow in their knowledge of plants through outdoor and indoor activities, such as planting a garden, dissecting flowers, and creating projects with “found objects” on the NLC property. Students will also mature in their awareness of how beautifully God designed each living thing.

Lunch + Supervised Play (Tuesdays Only: Ages 6-12)

Instructor: Amy Martin

Lunch + Supervised Play on Tuesdays combines a free lunch period with an extended activity time at camp for an additional charge.

Children will enjoy eating their lunch at the picnic tables or in the camp dining hall with camp staff. Microwaves are available to warm up lunches. After the lunch, children can participate in supervised outdoor activities, gym games, and hands- on activities such as board games and crafts.

Note: Lunch by itself on Tuesdays & Thursdays is free and available for those who are attending the activities immediately before lunch.

More Cool Lessons from Animals (Ages 8-10)

Instructor: Jane Woodward

A honeybee can teach us loyalty.  An otter can teach us responsibility.  In this new class, students will learn about courage, orderliness, initiative, decisiveness…godly traits exhibited in animals.  These traits will be reinforced through hands on activities, Bible characters and personal application.

NLC Outdoors Club (Ages 9-14)

Instructor: Danny Myers

This fall, come experience fun outdoor activities on the beautiful 70 acres of NLC. Participants will engage in a variety of introductory level activities and learn a variety of skills like disc golf, archery, bikes, sling shots, canoeing, low ropes, fishing, orienteering, and field games. Kids will also have a blast with the NLC staff as they enjoy God’s creation and learn of God’s love for them.

For a sample schedule, click here.

Paddle by the Sea: US Geography (Ages 8-10)

Instructor: Hannah Taylor

We’ll follow the adventures of Paddle from Holling Clancy Holling’s book “Paddle to the Sea” as he floats through the Great Lakes and explores the Northern United States. Holling’s beautifully illustrated book details Paddle’s wondrous travels. We’ll explore geography, land features, and other interesting things found in the northern U.S. We’ll learn to view and draw maps and we read about Paddle’s journey!

PE: Let’s Get Moving! (Ages 6-9)

Instructor: Amy Martin

Students will have fun exploring movement fundamental through a variety of activities that emphasize locomotor and non-locomotor skills. The class will provide opportunities for students to practice manipulative skills and participate in fitness development exercises. Space awareness, balance, rhythms, jump roping, and simple movement games will lead children towards becoming successful movers for sports and for everyday activities. Students will have the opportunity to implement biblical truths by practicing sportsmanship, cooperation, and respect for others.

PE: Motor Skills Practice (Ages 5-9)

Instructor: Amy Martin

Students will practice patterns and combination of movements using non-locomotor and locomotor skills. Throwing, rolling and catching, striking with hands, rackets, and feet; jump roping, and rhythms and fitness games will help refine the student’s gross motor skills. The student will also enjoy learning that our skeleton is an amazing creation of God’s! Of course, students will be applying biblical truths by practicing sportsmanship, cooperation, and respect for others.

PE: Teamwork (Ages 10-14)

Instructor: Kyle Mendenhall

This physical education program provides each student with the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive program consisting of skill development, lead up games, team sports, and physical fitness activities. The students will receive instruction in rules, skills, and strategies associated with the different team sports as well as learning experiences involving physical conditioning activities. The students will also have opportunities to become involved in life-long physical activities through team sport. The program promotes the spirit of cooperation, leadership, fair play, and friendly competition.

Scheduled Team sports: Indoor hockey, volleyball, and fitness games. Fun field games such as; Frisbee and flag football.

Play and Learn (Ages 4-6)

Instructor: Hannah Martin

This fun and engaging program includes a variety of developmentally appropriate activities including nature, art, problem-solving manipulatives, PE, and pretend play. Social skills such as listening, following directions, using encouraging words and actions, and being respectful to others will be integrated throughout lessons and activities that teach and reinforce biblical truths.

Tuesday and/or Thursday 9:15-12:45

You may register your child for multiple Play and Learn days. The activities will be different each day.

Meet the teacher day: August 29th

For a sample schedule, click here.

Play @ Camp (Ages 6-12)

Instructor: Amy Martin

P@C provides opportunities to enhance physical development of throwing, catching, striking, eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, body balance and strengthening combined with instructional opportunities which teach and reinforce social skills necessary for positive team involvement based on scriptural principles of honesty, grace and forgiveness.

Click here for Sample Schedule.

What to Bring: Lunch.  A morning apple is provided by camp.

What to Wear:  Comfortable play clothes and tennis shoes (dress for weather).

Science Club (Ages 5-8)

Instructor: Linda Lupien

Science is a perfect tool to help students recognize God’s intelligent design to provide for our physical needs. We will explore what energy is and how we use it through in-class projects, labs, and demonstrations. Student will learn to record and share data. We’ll examine force and motion, gravity and magnets, solar and heat energy during the fall semester. We’ll learn about simple machines, sound, light, and use of wind and water for energy during the spring semester. Students may take either one or both semesters.

Tae Kwon Do Self Defense (Ages 7-10)

Instructor: Hannah Taylor

Tae Kwon Do is good practice for coordination and confidence! We will integrate more practical self-defense, such as how to recognize and avoid dangerous situations, and what to do if you find yourself in one. We’ll play some new games and learn some new drills to learn and practice basic Tae Kwon Do techniques. We’ll be using punches, kicks, blocks, and chops in some fun games. This course will be fun for new and experienced students.

Woodworking (Ages 11-14)

Instructor: Chuck Bounds

Woodworking is for kids with little to no woodworking experience. Students will become familiar with basic woodworking tools and equipment by building basic projects to take home!  Shop safety will be taught and practiced.