General Information

  • InstructorJon Hughes
  • Pre-Requisite Course: Algebra II
  • Weekly School Work Hours at Home: 3-5 hours
  • For schedule, location, and all applicable fees, please visit our Schedule and Pricing page


  • Pre-Calculus Student Text, 1st Edition, BJU Press: Purchase Online – BJU Press
  • Pre-Calculus Tests, 1st Edition, BJU Press: Purchase Online – BJU Press
  • Pre-Calculus Tests Answer Key, 1st Edition, BJU Press: Purchase Online – BJU Press


As implied in the course title, Pre-Calculus does provide the necessary foundation for students intending to continue on to Calculus. At the same time, many students are taking the course as their final mathematics requirement or elective. The course will emphasize mathematical thinking, the use of mathematical models, and the understanding of mathematical functions and graphs. Specified topics include equalities and inequalities, polynomial functions, rational functions, exponential functions, logarithmic functions, matrices and determinants, and trigonometric functions. Students will be assumed to have successfully completed the equivalent Algebra II and Geometry, but will continue to review their Algebra skills in this course.

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