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  • Pre-Algebra 2.0 Textbook, Teaching Textbooks
  • Pre-Algebra 2.0 Answer Key, Teaching Textbooks
  • Purchase both online: Teaching Textbooks
  • Optional: you may also purchase CD’s for home use.  To add it as part of the package and get the discount, click on the link and scroll to the bottom of the page: Purchase Text and CD’s together
  • You may also be able to purchase a used copy of these books at the Homeschool Gathering Place.


In this Pre-Algebra course, the student will utilize Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra. Pre-Algebra is a transition course geared towards moving a student from arithmetic into algebra. We will cover the standard topics, including: fractions, decimals, money, multiplication, division, percents, geometric concepts, algebraic equations, dealing with x, slope-intercept, and more. Daily review is built into the curriculum to promote retention.

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