IEW: Teaching Writing Structure and Style

General Information

  • Instructor: Linda Lupien
  • Weekly School Work Hours at Home: 1 hour
  • For schedule, location, and all applicable fees, please visit our Schedule and Pricing page


  • The instructor will purchase the notebooks for each student – cost is included in the materials fee.


Teaching Writing: Structure and Style is a writing program from the Institute for Excellence in Writing (iew) which is designed to present writing in the classical sense. Students learn different writing structures such as: reports, research, essays, narrative, descriptive and prompt-based through modeling, examples, techniques and requirements for each structure. Style techniques are taught throughout the program at a speed which students can understand and utilize. Style instruction creates “wordsmithing” by giving students lists to choose a stronger verb, a quality adjective, adverb, a clause, a preposition or a different sentence type, but grammar is not a focus of instruction. TWSS: Structure and Styleis appropriate for K-12thgrade instruction where successive years in the course repeat the 9 models using different and more in-depth resources and texts.

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