French I

General Information


Required Materials:
  • Vis-à-vis: Beginning French, 5th edition Textbook (ISBN:9780073386447)
  • Vis-à-vis: Beginning French, 5th edition Workbook/ Laboratory Manual (ISBN:9780077309039) OR Vis-à-vis: Beginning French 4th edition, Workbook/Lab Manual (ISBN: 9780073289465)
  • INSTRUCTOR’S NOTE: Both the 5th and 4th editions of the Vis-à-vis Workbook/lab manual sufficiently correspond with the main Vis-à-vis 5th edition textbook. A new or gently-used copy of either workbook edition will work with the textbook.  Students will be provided with the accompanying Workbook/Lab Manual  AUDIO LINK from the instructor.
Optional Additional Materials:
  • Vis-à-vis Connect Program [Smartbook/Videos] (available through…contact instructor for link)
  • Living Language French: Complete Edition (Including 3 Coursebooks & 9 Audio CDs)  (ISBN: 9780307478436)  (Available through


French I is a high school level course with a focus on the foundations of French grammar (including être, avoir, faire, aller, expressions with avoir & faire, le futur proche), basic French vocabulary, and an introduction to Francophone Culture. Through the Vis-à-Vis program, the course will emphasize both learning written and spoken French and learning the French language within context. Students will practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing in French and will be provided with further French audio resources for outside of class. Students will also have the opportunity to learn French idiomatic expressions and to memorize short passages of French Scripture and poetry.

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