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Once Surrounded by Dirt and Trees

New Life CCamp-Entrance-2-001-202x300amp was started more than five decades ago with the mission to see kids transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.  In the 1950’s, families drove their kids down a two-lane dirt road to get to New Life Camp that was far removed from the city.  More than half a century ago, there were a multitude of trees packed on each corner at the intersection of Falls of Neuse and Durant Road.  Much has changed since that time.  Today, thousands of families now drive their kids down a major four-lane road to get to a camp that is now surrounded by the city.  Today, there is a hospital, a pharmacy, and a shopping center on those corners that were once filled with trees.  It is amazing to see how the Lord is building the city of Raleigh around New Life Camp.

Only God knew that the cities surrounding New Life Camp would become one of the top five areas in the United States for families to live; only God knew that thousands of families from all over the world would ultimately settle in North Raleigh, providing the opportunity to minister to thousands of kids who desperately need the Savior Jesus Christ; only God knew that as tIMG_3019he Triangle flourished, thousands of young people would require a year-round refuge to mute the ever-growing noise of modernity and hear the call of the Lord upon their lives; and of course, only God could provide New Life Camp, a perfect antidote to the effects of the city that provides peaceful sanctuary for kids to experience Christ’s love!

What was once solely a summer camp has now become a vibrant year-round hub of activity, with each and every one of the 10-plus programs being used as tools to reach over 4,450 young people each year so they might know and follow Jesus Christ.  New Life Camp offers a diverse set of programs, ranging from traditional camps to sports to Academic Enrichment to After School to Home School, and many more.  The mission of New Life Camp has always been clear and absolute; to surrender everything to impact as many lives as possible for the expansion of the Kingdom of God. We have a strong conviction that the best way to do that is to remain in Raleigh by implementing a carefully constructed long-range plan.

More information about our long-range plan will come in our next blog post.