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The Need is Great!

IMG_3397The need is great, the people are coming, and the Board and Staff of New Life Camp want to take full advantage of the growth with which the Lord has blessed us.  This year we have the most campers registered for Summer Camp than ever in the history of the ministry of New Life Camp!  This year we will give away more in scholarships than ever before to campers from Raleigh, from other parts of North Carolina, from Burma, from Africa, and other countries represented by kids from our Cedar Point Refugee ministry.  This year, as of right now we have just completed the first new cabin built at New Life in at least the last four decades.

This cabin is the sweet, monumental first step to the larger REVITALIZATION of our Summer Camp Facilities.  The tentative cost for the REVITALIZATION of New Life Camp summer camp facilities is estimated at about $6 million.  While that may be sticker shock to some, we have been confronted for many years with the challenges of bringing a sixty-plus year-old facility and its infrastructure up to current code in the Capital City.  To give you one example of many, the cabin just completed required close to $50,000 in Fire Suppression Equipment alone!!!  The New Life Camp Board is prayerfully developing a funding plan for this project and is fully committed to making its own investment in this critical renewal of New Life Camp.  Realizing this vision is only possible with the prayers and financial investment of those who have both benefited from Camp programs and those who are called to steward its future.  We are extremely excited to watch the Lord work as we seek to honor Him with all He has given us!

If you have any questions, comments or feel the Lord leading you to join us in this great cause in some way we would love to see you or hear from you!!  Either way come see the new cabin and dream and pray with us!