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Master Plan for Revitalization

The uniqueness of New Life Camp lies in the fact that it has never left its roots as a summer camp that exhorts thousands of young people to walk towards God’s best for their lives through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  But the infrastructure of New Life Camp has not evolved and kept pace with the massive changes that have gone on all around The Triangle.  The complexities that are wells, septic lines, and roads are great needs that must be addressed so that New Life Camp might continue to be the hub of the Lord’s work, as it has been since 1950!  More and more, kids are coming, families are coming, and as a result, the Board of Directors and staff of New Life Camp simply desire to meet them where they are in life and walk with them for the next 60 years or more.  We believe that Summer Camp has been and continues to be the best tool to allow kids to get away from the ever-increasing complexity and noise of their lives and allow them to experience the love of Christ in a fun and safe environment.  Our staff is made up of people who lead simple lives, so our facilities will likewise always be simple – devoid of fluff and extravagance – because we seek authenticity in all things.  At the same time, we want comfortable and inviting spaces to allow the Lord to minister to kids and families.  Our camp has been around for decades; therefore, we are charged with the responsibility of creating facilities that will be strong enough to sustain and enhance the experiences that have been and will be a part of New Life Camp in the future.  We could not call ourselves biblically based if we did not seek to use all the Lord has given and leverage it so that more kids and families might know Him through activities here on campus.New Life Camp Master Plan 2014 - Web

As Board members have discerned God’s will for the Camp, they feel strongly that He is calling them to preserve the beautiful assets of this property while modernizing the facilities.  We have completed a master plan for this revitalization.  The master site plan calls for the building of 16 weatherized cabins with bathrooms in each, as well as screened front porches designed to support devotion time.  These new cabins and buildings will allow approximately 120 more children and adults to attend summer camp (and other programs) and will position New Life Camp to offer a robust retreat program for local churches and schools.  Currently, 10 to 15 retreat opportunities are turned away annually because the facilities simply will not accommodate the needs of the host groups.  New Life Camp foresees the potential to reach at least 1000 additional young people per year with increased year-round capacity in our new cabins; as a result, the greater enrollment will help offset the cost of our revitalization.  We plan to take our first step of the master plan with the construction of an initial cabin.  After completion of the initial cabin, we plan to apply lessons learned and continue construction of a total of 10 cabins, as well as a new Tabernacle, to complete Phase 1.  Following that, we will begin work on Phase 2, which includes a new Dining Hall and two program buildings.  To complete both of these phases, we must upgrade infrastructure such as electric, water supply, and septic services.