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A Glimpse into the Plan

Wake County’s population has exploded around the 72 quiet wooded acres of New Life Camp.  The campus looks better than ever due to hard work and careful attention to clean, neat, and efficient space; and while the activity, energy, and growth are at an all-time high, the buildings and infrastructure have become overburdened and obsolete.  The facilities built more than 60 years ago have faithfully served campers for generations, but today, they no longer meet the needs of the growing community that continually fills up New Life Camp.  They need to be revitalized and refreshed, and frankly many need to be rebuilt.

Because of this need, the Board of Directors has prayerfully considered the situation and accepted the great responsibility of planning for the next generation of campers and leaders who will come to New Life Camp. They are committed to a plan of continuing tradition and honoring history, while renewing certain facilities and structures.  We wanted to take this time to fill you in on the plans for those buildings.


The Tabernacle (that has been a unique place of worship for decades) needs classroom space and more flexibility to keep up with the myriad of programs that will use this sacred place to minister the Gospel through the teaching of God’s word.

Dining Hall

The Dining Hall (the centerpiece of Summer Camp) is still an amazingly vibrant place with loud, sweet fellowship that kids find nowhere else, but it must be enlarged to take full advantage of increased opportunities. New Life Camp needs to seize the chances to minister to more summer campers, host more church retreat participants, offer more school retreats, and provide additional opportunities that exist for us to be a blessing to the body of Christ.


The Cabins (which have housed campers for over 60 years) need to be revitalized. Upgraded cabins are needed for counselors to have current adequate space to minister to their campers. For year-round ministry, heat and air conditioning are needed to take full advantage of the many opportunities to have groups use the facilities in the spring, fall and winter for retreats – where kids, men and women might come to know Christ as Savior. Renewed cabins will also provide bathrooms which help us to steward our time and resources more effectively both in the summer and year-round. We are convinced that the Lord desires New Life’s cabins to provide the setting for scores of people to experience the life-changing message of the Gospel.In short, our summer camp buildings are in dire need of revitalization.  Upgraded summer camp space will give us much-needed additional recreation areas for kids to enjoy new and different games, but more importantly, provide adequate housing, classroom, and fellowship space to minister the Gospel year-round.