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Category Archives: Summer Staff

Mileah’s Story

In the past when I’ve finished my week of summer camp, I’ve made resolutions of how I wanted to change, but my decisions wouldn’t stick. I would go home, the school year would begin, and my resolutions would quickly disappear. A few summers ago, the camp theme was “All In,” meaning to go “all-in” in […]

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Kingdom Friendship

Growth in friendship requires honesty. Every human heart desires intimacy, but we often shy away, fearing the exposure of our own flaws in proximity to another person. The simple truth is that we need the loving challenge of vulnerability with a trustworthy confidant: a friend! Fortunately, God demonstrates this friendly love to us through the […]

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Moving Soil

  This past summer, I witnessed one of our counselors talking with her camper by our historic holly tree. I could tell it was not a normal conversation and I noticed afterwards that this normally upbeat counselor was sad. She shared with me that her camper was not following Jesus and really didn’t even care […]

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