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Our 2019 Summer Camp theme was “Overflowing.” Sometimes we work so hard to serve people; to do “good works.” We try to earn God’s favor and end up getting burned out. But we have it all backwards. We can’t win God’s favor because we already have it! It was His favor among other things that led Him to send His own Son to die for us. When we bathe in God’s unconditional favor, we get everything we need because everything we need is Him. Once He has filled us with Himself, He starts overflowing from us into the lives of others. It’s not always exactly effortless, but it is much less striving and much more allowing God to do a work in us and through us. As I have studied this and written this theme, I have found so much rest in God’s love and favor. We hope to see our campers and their families find God Himself as the answer to everything they’ve ever longed for.

– Aaron Miller, Director of Camps