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Mileah’s Story

In the past when I’ve finished my week of summer camp, I’ve made resolutions of how I wanted to change, but my decisions wouldn’t stick. I would go home, the school year would begin, and my resolutions would quickly disappear. A few summers ago, the camp theme was “All In,” meaning to go “all-in” in our relationship with God. But I was kind of scared to go all-in with God. I didn’t like praying about things in my life because I didn’t want to ask anything more of God. I felt selfish. But this summer at camp, I was talking with my counselor and she said that I can take all of my problems to Him because He will keep on giving and won’t stop. There was a song that we sang at camp this summer that also helped me learn that God won’t stop loving me. It goes “the King of all kings has adopted me into his family.”  That line really stuck out to me and I’m still thinking about it; I knew in my head that God loved me but the song reminded me how amazing it is that he loves me! That changed how I see things and how I talk with Him.

My counselor suggested some practical ways that I could have time with the Lord everyday, such as setting a time and place to be with Him. I also told a few people in my family of my resolution of spending time with God each day and that has also helped it come together. This summer I saw that “All-In” is connected with “Overflowing.”  A relationship with God isn’t saying “I’ll give you these 30 minutes to pray to you and the rest of my day is for me.” We want our life to be about what we want. But I wasn’t happy when I was living like that. I have started to see that if I make the change to start spending daily time with the Lord, maybe that will affect other things in my life. As I learn about God and experience how he loves me, that will overflow into the way that I treat people and what is important to me.

– Mileah, High School Camper