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Karen’s Story

My husband, John, and I hosted a table at our church’s mission festival almost 20 years ago.  We looked forward to meeting a missionary and getting to hear all about the way God was using them in their calling.  What a wonderful surprise to discover that we were hosting local missionaries, Bob and Debbie Johnson from New Life Camp right here in Raleigh!  John and I had very young children.  Our oldest was in Kindergarten so we were thrilled to hear about this wonderful camp tucked away in the woods of North Raleigh for the first time.  After the mission festival, we quickly registered our daughter for day camp…this is when our adventure with NLC began.

Not only did our oldest meet her lifelong best friend in that week of day camp, she met leaders, counselors and friends who brought to life everything we had been teaching her at home about faith in Christ. We saw this happen again and again in each of our children’s lives. One of our daughters was so touched by Mrs. Johnson’s missionary stories during summer camp that God has moved her to take the gospel to the world.  She has shared the love of Jesus in Romania, Uganda, Toronto and Portland. All seven of our children have played Next Level basketball and not only learned the game but have been mentored by coaches and referees who demonstrate what it looks like to love God well, even in competition. A sweet memory for our family is Aaron Miller coaching our 4th child Rose. She was so small, the uniform looked like a dress! It is almost surreal today to hear Rose, now 20, talk about going through referee training to participate in this upcoming Next Level season. John and I are so grateful for the years we have spent at NLC.  Not only has NLC poured into our family, they have helped create vessels that pour out, all for the sake of the gospel.

– Karen Dorman