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CampOn! Update

Walking on campus you can see the many changes and updates that have been made to our facilities since we started our CampOn! campaign.  This summer all of our overnight campers were housed in new cabins.  Each of these 8 cabins have 20 beds, HVAC, and restrooms complete with showers.  They are a great addition to our summer camp camp program and will help us have events throughout the cooler months.

Currently, we are moving forward with plans to build our new Dining Hall.  This new facility will increase the seating and cooking capability by 75%.  The Dining Hall will have many new exciting features that will enhance the diners’ experience in what is one of the most pivotal buildings in New Life Camp culture.  There will be a stage for presentations, games and excitement.  We will control the noise with a vaulted ceiling and acoustic wall tiles, making it a more enjoyable environment.

The fully functional dish washing station will be in the kitchen, separate from the dining area so the noise of the kitchen does not interfere with the

activities in the dining room.  The new Dining Hall with have restrooms and hand-washing sinks.  We are also planning to have a fireplace on an outdoor deck that overlooks the lake.  We are finalizing these plans and are praying we will have our permits soon.  This will allow us to break ground on the new Dining Hall location shortly after the first of the year.  Please pray with us as we go through this process.

If you would like to give towards our CampOn! Campaign to help us complete our Master Plan, please click here.