Homeschool Enrichment Activities

Homeschool Enrichment Activities is a ministry designed to assist homeschooling parents by offering their students weekly activities and electives to complement their home learning experiences in the context of a Biblical worldview that will equip students to influence the world around them for Christ.

It is divided into two categories based upon the activity contents and grades that are appropriate for that category:

  • Academics (designed for 7th-12th grade homeschooled students)
  • Clubs (designed for K-7th grade students)

Who May Participate

Participation in our HEA activities is divided between our academic activities and our clinic and club activities.

Academic Activities

These are designed for students in 7th-12th grade, though 6th grade students may also participate.  Participants are students in a registered home school, and the parents are responsible for the student’s instruction. Parents are responsible for making sure their participation in these enrichment activities complies with state laws governing homeschooling in North Carolina. You may find information regarding North Carolina homeschooling law at the following links: NC Legal Analysis; NC Department of Non-Public Education.

Clubs Activities

These activities are designed for students in K-7th grade.  These activities are best suited for homeschool and track-out students based on how they are scheduled, but there is no limitation on who may participate.

New Life Camp is a non-denominational Christian camp for children and youth located in Raleigh, NC.

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