Spanish II

General Information:

  • Instructor: Martha Phillips
  • Pre-Requisite Course: Spanish I
  • Weekly School Work Hours at Home: 4 hours
  • For schedule, location, and all applicable fees, please visit our Schedule and Pricing page


  • Instructor’s Note: Text books below should be ordered ASAP.  They are usually back-ordered after June.
  • Realidades 2011 Level 2 by Pearson (Purchase the following items online)
    • Student Edition with (6 year access) – ISBN #9780133691733
    • Leveled Grammar and Vocabulary Workbook 2 – #9780133692693
    • If you are ordering through Pearson, please mention that you are ordering for New Life Camp


Spanish II continues to develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Students will also explore cultural aspects of the Spanish-speaking world. Spanish II covers a variety of concepts, including mastery of those concepts covered in Spanish I (ser and estar, present tense, preterit tense, commands, gustar, nouns and articles, ir + a + infinitive, etc). New or extended concepts will include: expression of time, stem changing verbs, irregular verbs, regular verbs, imperfect tense, gerunds and progressives, noun and article agreement, vocabulary augmentation and more.

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